MAWA’s Board. September 2016

MAWA Board Members September 2017
Megan Krause (Chair) 
Colleen Leduc (Vice Chair)
Mariana Munoz (Secretary)
Gurpreet Sehra (Treasurer)
Rachel Schappert
Jennifer Smith
Barb Bottle
Briony Haig
Franchesca Hebert-Spence (Student Rep)
Queti Azurin
Lindsey Bond
Francine Martin
Lindsay Joy

Honorary Board Mentors
Gwen Armstrong
Sheila Spence


If you would like to apply to join MAWA’s board of directors, or volunteer for a committee, please download and fill out the form below, and send it to MAWA at
611 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1E1.

Board Candidate Form: PDF / Word