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Liz Garlicki

Liz Garlicki has exhibited at Gallery 101 in Ottawa, The New Gallery in Calgary, and in a number of venues in Winnipeg, including in Supernovas at The Winnipeg Art Gallery. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba's BFA Honours programme. Currently Liz supports students and newcomers to the Winnipeg arts community through her employment as the Gallery Assistant at aceartinc. in the Winnipeg Exchange area.

Liz Garlicki


Once Winnipeg’s sidewalks were embossed with street names. Liz Garlicki revisits this form of urban mapping, sandblasting her own words/text into the slab concrete beneath our feet. Her poetic text reads:

“It's automatic
When you walk on these words
You are walking in
The community
You are a part of
This community.”


Garlicki has located this project in Winnipeg’s North End, in an area significant for her as a Polish Canadian and as an artist. Only accessible on foot, the project demands pedestrian, human-scale interaction. It interrogates the role of community in urban renewal: who determines redevelopment, what is being lost with redevelopment, and what must change.


Whether presented indoors or outdoors, the size and style of my work references the authority of advertising conventions. I use popular and public visual language to represent my own anxieties pertaining to social, professional, and personal conformity. By working on a grand scale, I hope to encourage, even manipulate the viewer to consider the impact of pop imagery and notions of conformity on their own lives.




Liz Garlicki
Fuck 'n' Buck: install view at Winnipeg Art Gallery 2006
10' x 8' feet each vinyl tarp, vinyl paint

Fuck 'n' Buck: brown & yellow 2004/05 10' x 8' feet vinyl tarp, vinyl paint

Selkirk St. sidewalk