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Nicole Shimonek

NICOLE SHIMONEK is a visual artist from rural Manitoba. She has a BFA Honours degree from the University of Manitoba. Since graduating in 2000 she has been an active member of Winnipeg's artist community. She regularly works for the arts as a video technician, editor, and instructor. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group shows both locally and internationally. Although the media she uses varies from project to project, she consistently strives to express universal concepts from a personal perspective. Nicole is presently attending the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, England, as a graduate student in visual art.

Nicole Shimonek

Read a response to Nicole Shimonek's
piece Bath Bombs by Aviva Cipilinski.


Nicole Shimonek has created stacks of handmade bath bombs to be given away at the Art Building Community Symposium. Inside each bomb is a packet of wildflower seed. Shimonek sees the bath bomb and seed packets as metaphors for relationships: cleaning/resolving the old and planting/growing the new. Her goal is to provide audience/participants with a personal, enjoyable, cleansing, and renewing experience.


I am an interdisciplinary visual artist. The type of work I make and materials I use are dependent upon the nature of the project. This flexible relationship with materials and processes allows me to continuously learn and improve skills. My artwork is minimalist and conceptually driven. Through it, I attempt to examine widely held thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the lens of my own interests.



'shark' detail, animation installation, Nicole Shimonek 2007

'worry' sculptural installation, Nicole Shimonek 2007

'worry' detail, sculptural installation, Nicole Shimonek 2007

"unafraid" installation, Plugin I.C.A., Nicole Shimonek 2007