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Khadija Saye, Peitaw, photograph, 2017. Khadija Saye’s photographic series Dwelling: In This Space We Breathe was presented at the Art Biennale in Venice in 2017. Months later, she was killed in the Grenfell tower fire in London at the age of 24. Click to picture to view full image.

Theory at Home

Beyond Art for Art’s Sake: The Power and Limitations of Feminist Art with Allison Stevens

  • October 8, 2020, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Zoom

Free, everyone welcome to attend! Please email Adriana at for Zoom login.

Lola Olufemi creates a call to action in the chapter “Art for Art’s Sake” in Feminism, Interrupted (2020): “As feminists, if we wish to see a world of art and creativity, then we must remove the barriers to that creativity and the systems that kill artists.” As artists, we have a specific but significant power. Art creates an independent space to challenge and open up discourse. It exposes the pain and trauma of injustice. It has the potential to raise consciousness and propose revolutionary ideas. But art alone cannot dismantle the oppressive system. “[Art] is only as effective as we allow it to be.” Can we, as feminist artists, live up to the responsibility of bearing witness and creating work that threatens the social and political order?

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  • Allison Stevens

    Allison Stevens is an experimental filmmaker and mixed media artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her work seeks to embrace the monstrosity of the self as a rebellion against societally defined images/ideas of “appropriate” bodies and ways of being. With a critical feminist edge, she rejects the violence of capitalism and colonialism in all its forms. Allison is currently being mentored by Leslie Supnet as part of MAWA’s 2019-2020 Foundation Mentorship Program. She has a Digital Media Design diploma (2013) from Red River College and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Conflict Resolution / Criminal Justice) from the University of Winnipeg (2010).