Critical Discussion

Susan Aydan Abbott, detail of S.O.W. (SHOCK OF WOMAN), sculpture, 2020

Theory at Home

The Ugly Truth with Susan Aydan Abbott

  • January 14, 2021, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Online with Zoom

Free, everyone welcome! Email to receive the Zoom link to the meeting.

Is there pressure for women artists to censor their work, soften their rage? Is it a given that women’s art should be toned down to make it more palatable, poetic, prettier? Does traumatic horror such as rape have to be softened? Can our anger be taken seriously? Even through abjection, is the default always beauty? Who decides?

Reading: Christy R. Kirk, “Finding Cathartic Beauty in Trauma and Abjection”

  • Susan Aydan Abbott

    Using casts of her body and face, Susan Aydan Abbott’s work links architecture and landscape to her own personal history as she directly transfers the pain of her experiences against and into her environment. Flashes of memory and raw emotion inform her work, revealing glimpses of the process of coping and living with unresolved trauma.