Critical Discussion

Kelly Campbell (third from right) leading Theory and Beer about artists and experts, January 2018

Theory and Beer

Women’s Art: Pakistan and the West with Hassaan Ashraf

  • April 26, 2018, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Duke of Kent Legion, 227 McDermot Avenue

Free, everyone welcome!

In “Guerrilla Girls: Feminist Art, Then and Now,” Salima Hashmi explores the parallel histories of Western feminist visual art and women’s art in Pakistan. As Hashmi writes, “There were, and continue to be, subversive undercurrents and covert acts of rebellion in the work of women artists [in Pakistan]. The body is still the site of rebellion, the covering and uncovering of which is fertile and convoluted.” Not the feminism of middle-class white women, “their work continues to be entangled in the complication of being a female in Pakistani society,” often in the context of broader political struggles.


  • Hassaan Ashraf

    Hassaan Ashraf is a multidisciplinary artist from Lahore, Pakistan, who works in mediums ranging from video and photography to sculpture and Urdu calligraphy. They deal with themes of cross-cultural experience, diaspora, homesickness, culture shock, global culture, post-colonialism, political and cultural difference. To explore/express these ideas, they draw on their own experience as a Lahori who has never been a part of a diaspora, never lived as a minority, and never even been to a foreign country before coming to Winnipeg.