Putting Your Art on Things to Sell with Sarah Neville and Cynthia Boehm

  • Thursday, October 26, 2023
  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Online Event

Sarah Neville and Cynthia Boehm have both created successful product-focussed businesses based on their artwork. They will share tips on how multiples can help you to generate income and get your art out there! How do you decide what art translates onto an object? How do you decide what to put your art on? Where do you source suppliers? How do you manage inventory? Where and how do you sell the finished product?

  • Photo of Sarah Neville holding something fuzzy in her outstretched hand.

    Sarah Neville Studios developed from Neville’s love of creating, desire to get her creations into people’s homes and in the process spreading joy. Her unique and humorous designs are available on greeting cards, stickers, colouring books, tote bags, garlands and more, primarily through her online shop.

  • Born and raised in Norway House, Cynthia Boehm began making beaded moccasins as gifts for family. She soon expanded her passion by offering her designs to the public, printed on wearable items, primarily at Indigenous markets. She is grateful to be able to share her traditional art of beading with others in this way.