Anita Lebeau, FACE / TIME, animated film, 2 min., 2019

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FACE | TIME: a new film by Anita Lebeau

  • March 27, 2019, 7:00pm
  • Cinematheque, 100 Arthur St.

Free, everyone is welcome!

Presented in partnership with the Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque

MAWA and Cinematheque present the Winnipeg premiere of Anita Lebeau’s new independent, animated film. In this short, Lebeau explores the interplay of time, aging, art and self-perception, employing her signature blend of photo-realistic and hand-drawn images.

The evening also features Lebeau’s past work, including her two award-winning films with the National Film Board: Louise and Big Drive. Lebeau will offer a sneak peek at her current NFB project, as well as share a selection of experimental projects in which she explores a variety of animation styles and software programs. Lebeau uses a multimedia approach to storytelling: bits of reality share the screen with fully animated characters. Some projects allow hand-drawn animation to take centre stage, while others explore concepts using fully articulated cut-outs of photographs. Lebeau’s art reflects the notion that “real” life is filled with “the unreal” – absurdities – which should be embraced. The evening will include a talk by the artist and questions and answers with the audience, moderated by visual artist Diana Thorneycroft.