Chantal Rousseau, still from Starlings vs Cheesie, animated GIF, 2020

Showcases and Exhibitions

Virtual Residency Exhibition featuring works by Tracy Peters and Chantal Rousseau

  • April 30, 2021 – May 29, 2021
  • Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Art, 100 Arthur St

Presented in partnership with Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Art, AllArtNow (Sweden) and Jiser (Spain)

MAWA is partnering with curator Abir Boukhari in an experimental, international online residency of digital/media art. Six artists from Canada, Sweden, Spain and North Africa joined Boukhari in weekly online meetings, taking as their starting point a quote from Albert Camus’s The Plague: “Until now I always felt a stranger in this town, and that I'd no concern with you people. But now that I've seen what I have seen, I know that I belong here whether I want it or not. This business is everybody's business.” In these times of global pandemic, how are we connected and what are the implications of these connections? Each participant, including MAWA artists Ttacy Peters and Chantal Rousseau, has created new, digital work(s) that will be featured in this exhibition at Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Art: a synergy of artists’ voices, joined across time and space.