Guest critic Jen Smith (second from left) and the Tough Love participants, engaged with the work of Ingrid McMillan (second from right), January 2019

Tough Love

Tough Love with Seema Goel

  • April 17, 2019, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
  • MAWA, 611 Main Street

Free! Artists of all genders welcome. To register for a crit, email Adriana at with “Tough Love April 2019” in the subject line

This group is perfect for those who need feedback or want to discuss art and art issues with a group of peers. Feel like you are working in a vacuum or without community context? Want the feedback of a professional curator? Join other artists and a special guest for a 3-hour discussion, during which artists receive a focussed and constructive group critique. If you have already received several Tough Love critiques at MAWA, perhaps consider giving someone else the opportunity. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the dialogue, whether you are sharing work or not. Seema Goel will be the April guest critic.

  • Seema Goel

    Goel is a multimedia artist, writer, curator and educator. Her work focuses on human-place and human-nature relationships with particular emphasis on our abilities to engage with, change and manipulate these things. Using whimsy and humour as well as an eclectic range of materials, she draws from her dual background in the arts and sciences to create interactive, tactile works. She heads the STEAM program at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Science where she uses this unique position to connect the arts and sciences to better communicate ideas and engage the public with contemporary science and culture.