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Wendy Wersch Memorial Lectures

Dr. Freudlove, or How I learned to Stop Working and Love Patriarchal Theory by Jeanne Randolph

  • Cinematheque, 100 Arthur St.

Postponed due to the rise of Covid cases in Winnipeg and Provincial public health restrictions.


Postponed due to the rise of Covid cases in Winnipeg and Provincial public health restrictions.​

Stay tuned for a new date!

Presented in partnership with Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Dinky aspects of psychoanalytic theory 1899-1970, mangled ideas from dead Western philosopher guys, a little gal’s childhood in a cancer-ridden Texas town 1947-1959… what could go wrong? This performative lecture will be profusely illustrated.

Jeanne Randolph was born in the Monongahela River Hospital in West Virginia in 1943. In 1965 she graduated with a BA in English Literature from the University of Chicago, and in 1980 she earned her MD (University of Toronto) and F.R.C.P.(C) (psychiatry).  She began writing ficto-criticism in 1983.  Jeanne Randolph’s ninth book, My Claustrophobic Happiness, was published by ARP this year. She is grateful for her life of merry Existentialism.

The Wendy Wersch Lecture is an annual event that celebrates the memory of Winnipeg artist Wendy Wersch and is dedicated to exploring issues related to autonomy for women artists. The lectures focus on women in the arts as role models for innovative cultural investigation. The series builds awareness of feminist art criticism, activism and practice. This lecture, organized by the Wendy Wersch Memorial Committee, is supported by Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA) and The Winnipeg Foundation. 

  • Jeanne Randolph

    Jeanne Randolph is a cultural critic, art writer and performance artist whose work explores the relationship between art and psychoanalytic theory. She was the first art writer in Canada to develop object relations psychoanalytic theory as a medium for cultural criticism. In universities and galleries across Canada, England, Australia and Spain, she has spoken on topics ranging from the aesthetics of Barbie dolls to the philosophy of Wittgenstein. Dr. Jeanne Randolph is the author of Psychoanalysis & Synchronized Swimming and Other Writings on Art (1991), Symbolism and its Discontents (1997), Why Stoics Box (2006) and Ethics of Luxury: Materialism and Imagination (2007), among others. She has contributed essays to books about art and artists, including Subconscious City, Susan Kealey: Ordinary and Robbin Deyo: Sweet Sensation. Her most recent books are Out of Psychoanalysis: ficto-criticism 2005-2015 and Shopping Cart Pantheism (2015).