Claudine Majzels with a painting by Caroline Dukes. Photo by Bruce Hanks.

Master Classes

Feminist Art: A Four Part Course with Claudine Majzels (Part IV)

  • February 13, 2013
  • MAWA

Cost: $75 for MAWA members. All genders welcome; places are limited.

MAWA is pleased to present its first graduate-level course on feminist art, taught by professor Claudine Majzels. Each week Majzels will present the works of artists, historical and contemporary, which provoke questions such as: What has been the role of women in the production of art? Can forgotten women artists be rediscovered?  How does the visual representation of women reflect (and construct) the position of women in society? How is art history as a discipline transformed by feminist theory? Has feminist art been co-opted into the old structures of patriarchy?

Reading materials will be provided in advance of each of the four sessions. Discussion will be inspired by these texts and the images presented each week by Majzels. This will be an active seminar course requiring engaged participation, argument, debate and laughter.

  • Claudine Majzels

    Claudine Majzels (Ph.D.) teaches Art History at the University of Winnipeg where she has created new courses on feminist art, Aboriginal arts and craft, and a seminar on “The Body in the Visual Arts” as part of the new MA program in Cultural Studies: Curatorial Practices at the U of W. Her publications include studies of 17th century Dutch Mennonite women artists and Winnipeg artist Caroline Dukes.