Meet and greet for June 2016 artist in residence Seza Bali.

Call for Volunteer Ambassadors

Posted May 8, 2019

Volunteer Positions
3 Winnipeg Ambassadors needed for MAWA Artists in Residence, June, August & September 2019

An honourarium of $100 will be provided to each ambassador

MAWA is looking for ambassadors to welcome participants of MAWA’s Artist in Residence program to the Winnipeg artistic community. Each artist will be traveling nationally or internationally to stay in the MAWA apartment for self-directed residencies.  They will be using the time and space to further their artistic practices through research, reflection, networking and production. 
The MAWA residency program is intended to increase dialogue between our geographical community—Winnipeg—and the art world beyond; to create networking opportunities for women artists; and to provide an oasis in which women artists can do whatever they need to do in order to move their practices forward.

Duties of the ambassador will include:

  • picking the artist up from the airport, train station or bus depot
  • offering to show the artist around to artist run centres, galleries etc
  • helping to get the art supplies they need
  • helping to get basics such as groceries
  • offering to take artists to different cultural events, such as art openings, lectures, festivals etc
  • being available to the artist to answer questions by phone or email
  • welcoming the artist to Winnipeg/ the art community

Attributes of the ambassador:

  • friendly and outgoing
  • interested in meeting new people
  • interested in connecting with artists outside of Winnipeg
  • access to a car
  • knowledgeable about Winnipeg and the artistic community
  • available to the artist during their stay, in person, by phone and email

MAWA is looking to pair each artist in residence with one ambassador. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador apply to with "Ambassador 2019" in the subject line and a short paragraph describing why you would like to be an ambassador and which residency dates you are available.  Following is information about each artist’s dates and a description of their practice and project:

Natasha Jozi (Lahore, Pakistan)
in residence at MAWA June 4-30, 2019

While in Winnipeg, Jozi will be exploring the relationship between the human body and nature, characterized by a shifting balance between belonging and alienation. As part of her research, she will conduct performance-based workshops in the city, inviting local communities of students and artists to participate (details TBA). She will then develop and perform public performances and build a body of performative mark-makings, paintings and objects that reflect on the relationship she develops with the city. This project seeks to re-examine our place in a constantly shifting, commodified, urban, increasingly compartmentalized lifestyle. While these aspects of our lives may seem to negate the body’s relationship with nature, they in fact create new ones that we often leave unexplored.  

Demelza Watts (London, England)
in residence at MAWA August 4-31, 2019

Watts is concerned with how the home affects creative thought. What is the impact of the home on socialising, on imagination, on play, in making communities, on our compassion and on our political agency? During the residency, Watts will be using the apartment home of the residency as the starting point, using collage to adjust the boundary between documentation and activity, editing to bring together images that blur reality and fiction, physical and virtual, possible and impossible.

Anne Steves (Cumberland, British Columbia)
in residence at MAWA September, 2019 (exact dates TBA)

Steves is a Welsh/Canadian interdisciplinary artist working based in British Columbia. Her artistic practice explores the complexities of belonging. She collects narratives that approach the truths of a place from a personal perspective. Community conversations, literary references and observational drawings inspire her to create site-specific material experiments that encourage viewers to more deeply engage with place. As an immigrant to Canada from Wales, the crafts of her childhood continue to influence her work.