Family Heirlooms, Megan Pickering

Artist in Residence

MAWA is pleased to welcome our 2017 Artists in Residence. In June, Cui Jin-Zhe (Saskatoon) will be examining individual and community self-realization and “awareness of the truth of awakening within.” The artist’s social engagement project, 100 Immortals, is free and open to all. It will take place over seven days and focus on meditation, embodiment, deep writing and consciousness drawing. In July, Josefina Posch (Gothenburg, Sweden) will work on a sculptural project that investigates the biological forces behind aging and the pathogens and bacteria behind illness, contrasting these with the strength of our body to protect and defend itself. Her residency is made possible through an exchange with ArtCenter/South Florida. In August, Megan Pickering (London, England)  will be exploring local zine communities, networks and archives, with a focus on expressions of gender, queer and class histories. 

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