Belinda Griffiths (New Zealand)

  • June 15, 2014 – June 29, 2014

Belinda Griffiths is a conceptual, figurative artist living in Auckland, New Zealand. Her work explores the human condition through the expressive qualities of mark-making, using painting and experimental printmaking techniques. Griffiths has work in significant art collections, such as the Wallace Arts Trust in New Zealand. Her current practice explores the idea of the series. She says, “Putting constraints on certain aspects of the work actually allows me more freedom in others. Keeping constants allows the variables to be explored deeper and with more abandon. The beauty of mark-making is that it relies to a certain extent on relinquishing control of your work. That’s where the unexpected happens.” Griffiths will be exploring this further during her time at MAWA by creating a series inspired directly by her residency experience. As an artist-mother herself, she is interested in talking with artists who have either contemplated, tackled or had to choose between being an artist and having children. She hopes to incorporate these conversations into her series. She will be having a mini-showcase of her work at MAWA, June 25-27.