Cui Jin-Zhe (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

  • June 1, 2017 – June 29, 2017

Artist Talk Thursday, June 8, 7pm at MAWA

Artist Social Engagement Project, 100 Immortals (Seven Days of Contemplative Creative Practice), June 10-16, 6-9pm at MAWA

In June, Cui Jin-Zhe will be examining individual and community self-realization, and “awareness of the truth of awakening within.” She will also be engaging with diverse communities, public spaces and artistic venues in Winnipeg through her ongoing project, 100 Immortals. Most of Cui’s projects involve drawings, drawing-based installations and social engaged projects. Her intention is to infuse everyday life with awakenings and creativity, and reflects her spiritual practice through daily ritual.

The artist’s social engagement project, 100 Immortals, is free to public and is made possible by support from Culture on the Go tour program funded by the Government of Saskatchewan and administered by the Saskatchewan Arts Board. If you would like to participate in this project, it would be helpful if you could call the office at 204-949-9490 to register. Participation on all seven days is ideal, but you are also welcome to come for part of the week. During this seven-day journey, Cui Jin-zhe will inspire each practitioner to explore one’s own experience of meditation, embodiment, deep writing and consciousness drawing.