Critical Discussion

Poonam Singh, Succulent Series 3, patel 2018

Theory at Home

Art and Science: A Converging World with Poonam Singh

  • November 17, 2020, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Zoom

Free, everyone welcome to attend! Please email Adriana at for Zoom login.

Art and science help us interpret and explore the world around us. While the activities of scientists and artists may differ, they share the creative process, are driven by a sense of curiosity, have a sensitivity to aesthetics in their work and possess a desire to make a positive contribution to the welfare of humanity. Artists observe, interpret and render nature-activities that are very similar to those performed by scientists. To cite but one example, botanical paintings have helped scientists to document plant details, and serve as historical and scientific records. Join in this wide-ranging discussion about the intersections between art and science!

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  • Poonam Singh

    Poonam Singh works in drawing, painting, sculpture and textiles. She combines her technical scientific knowledge with traditional and experimental forms of visual representation. Themes in her scientific and art works include traditional agricultural practices, agriculture-induced environmental issues, genetic diversity and food security, specifically with respect to plant science. Singh sees biological progress and change as a metaphor for human relationships.