Critical Discussion

Corrie Peters, still from grief #8, performance documentation, 2020 

Theory at Home

Interrupting Our Own Creation with Corrie Peters

  • March 24, 2021, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Online with Zoom

Everyone welcome! Email to receive the Zoom link to the meeting.

How do we interrupt our own creative work? Mary Oliver suggests that we are multiple selves, and that creating comes from the self that exists outside of time, and other selves that interrupt us. Do her ideas of self hold up to our own experiences? What does existing outside of time look like, and how does a community support this depth of creative work? Can a self “out of love with time” (Oliver) be part of art that can imagine beyond our current systems of power?

Reading: Mary Oliver, “Of Power and Time from Upstream”

  • Corrie Peters

    Corrie Peters is a settler Mennonite artist living on unceded Lkwungen territory with her family—all of whom both root her in time and take her outside of it. Her art explores what she has learnt in the intimacy of relationship about power and how shifts can come from the small, the personal and the intentional. Her favourite materials are time, relationships and thread.