Chris Larsen, Light of the Forest, 30 x 60”, mixed media, 2018

Showcases and Exhibitions

Shift - A year-end exhibit of works by the 2017-2018 Foundation Mentorship Program

  • January 2, 2019 – January 10, 2019
  • ace art inc. 290 McDermot Avenue

Reception: Friday, January 4, 2018, 7pm

Presented in partnership with ace art inc.

Shift brings together recent work from emerging artists in Manitoba who took part in MAWA’s 2017-2018 Foundation Mentorship Program (FMP), an intensive, year-long professional development opportunity. FMP artists are paired with mentors to receive critical feedback, create and discuss new work, explore ideas and network. Artists seek an opportunity such as this when they are ready to take on new challenges and push their work in a new direction, sometimes finding themselves in new or unknown territory. The mentors had the privilege of working with these talented artists during these exciting points of change, when support, encouragement and critical feedback are needed.

Shift speaks to the sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic changes that occur in approach or direction as artists uncover new truths and depth in their work. Each of these artists finds herself at varying stages of life and career, and each is exploring what role art plays in her life, personal growth and healing, as she continues to define her identity as an artist.

The exhibition focuses on the adaptability of identity, presenting diverse artistic practices from nine artists who explore relationships with the self, others, the body and the land, at times attempting to regain what has been lost, centering on trauma, illness, memory and lineage. Themes of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-transformation ebb and flow throughout the work, which includes sculpture, painting, installation, ceramics, photography and performance. Shift reflects our ever-changing selves and society. It features the work of program mentees Susan Aydan Abbott, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Erin Frances Brown, Amber Christensen, Maya de Forest, Grace Han, Sue Hoang, Chris Larsen and Kathy Levandoski, with thanks to aceartinc for this exhibition opportunity.