Artist talk by Kandis Friesen (Montréal)

  • Wednesday, June 29, 2016
  • MAWA, 611 Main Street

During her time at MAWA, Kandis Friesen will be working on the latest iteration of Tape 158, an ongoing series based on video footage she found at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives in 2010. Unfinished, unedited, untranslated and badly made, the original 1980s-era VHS tape subtly documents the ethnogeographies, conflicts and complexities of Ukrainian history. Friesen spent May in Ukraine re-filming the footage of the original production, and will begin post-production and reflection during her time in Winnipeg.

Free! Everyone welcome!

  • Working from an expanded approach to both drawing and moving image, Kandis Friesen explores the role of document and archive in the construction of public memory and public space. She approaches the archival as a contemporary and active site, navigating the construction of the image, the position of its framing, and the functions of power within it. Her work often emphasizes more latent forms of knowledge, emerging as re-makes, erasures and re-tracings. Through video, installation, performance, drawing, and print, she examines diasporic language and translation, migrating audio-visual culture, ethnicity and nationalisms, and the relationship of migration and colonial structures, often through a critical Russian Mennonite cultural lens.