Bees in Art with Valérie Chartrand

  • Thursday, October 19, 2017
  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Duke of Kent Legion, 227 McDermot Avenue

Rescheduled from May

From the beginning of time, artists have been inspired to create work with bees and about bees. With growing concern about colony collapse disorder in recent years, bees in art have taken on a different meaning and now can symbolize ecological degradation. This Theory and Beer will be a discussion of bees as symbolism, subject, medium and artistic collaborators. Participants will reflect on aesthetics and ecology and will consider the ethics of the use of animals in art.

Reading: Mary Kosut & Lisa Jean Moore, “Bees Making Art: Insect Aesthetics and the Ecological Moment”

Free, everyone welcome!

  • Valérie Chartrand is a printmaker and recent graduate of MAWA’s Foundation Mentorship Program. She says that through the FMP she has “worked with and been inspired by many talented artists to establish a regular artistic practice.” Process and experimentation are an important part of what she does, as she pushes her exploration of prints in various media. Her current project focuses on the disappearance of bees and its consequences on the world.