Craftstravaganza 2017!

  • Saturday, March 11, 2017
  • 12:00pm – 4:00pm
  • MAWA, 611 Main Street

Our much-anticipated 9th annual Craftstravaganza is back, in celebration of International Women’s Day. Learn craft practices from around the world! Four free, simultaneous workshops will be offered. All materials are provided, child-minding is available and snacks will be served. Enjoy good food, good company and good crafting. People of all background, genders and ages are welcome. The event will feature:

Chinese Knots with Maryanne Venzon

Chinese knotting is a decorative form of Chinese folk art. It has steadily evolved over thousands of years to include sophisticated techniques and increasingly intricate woven patterns. Chinese knots are a popular gift to embody “best wishes.” Venzon first learned how to tie Chinese knots from her grandmother, who’s now nearing the age of 100, while sitting next to her on the Greyhound bus. Venzon, who was born in China, will share this ancient Chinese technique that has been practiced by many generations of her family before her.

Buffalo Rawhide Pouches with Donna Bear Glover

Parfleche pouches are rawhide containers, enveloped-shaped, that are traditionally used by First Nations peoples to store items like dried meat and pemmican. This workshop will teach crafters how to transform a firm Bison rawhide square into a pouch much like a parfleche one. Donna Bear Glover is a Two-headed Eagle from the White Bear Clan who teaches a variety of workshops for all ages including “How to Make Hand Drums,” which provides hand drums to communities around Manitoba.

Knitting and Crochet with Fang Wang

Delve into MAWA’s healthy stock of colourful yarn through the universal languages of knitting and crochet. Instructor Fang Wang will share basic crochet and knitting techniques that she learned in China as a child so that by end of her tutorial anyone will be able to complete a coaster—how about that?? However, this workshop is not only for the novice—come swap advanced stitches! Fang Wang, a recent newcomer to Winnipeg from Beijing, has been practicing needlecrafts since she was waist-high and may know some unique-to-China stitches that she would love to share.

Motanka Bereginja Ukrainian Dolls with Olena Sanina

Nineteen years ago, Olena Sanina made her first Motanka doll for her daughter and since then has been deeply engaged in this traditional Ukrainian craft practice. It is believed that Motanka rag doll-making originated thousands of years ago to celebrate the ancient goddess Rozhanytsa (the one giving birth), worshipped in ancient times by Slavic and Trypillya cultures originating in the copper epoch. Motanka dolls continue to be given as gifts to bring luck: for new love, a strong marriage, a prosperous year or a safe home. This workshop will teach you how to make a hand-made doll that brings fortune and prosperity. Learn from Sanina, who brought this skill when she immigrated to Canada in 2014.

Presented in partnership with Manitoba Craft Council with the support of Winnipeg Councillor Mike Pagtakhan, the Ethnocultural Community Support Program and the Aboriginal Cultural Initiatives Program at the Province of Manitoba, Westwood Collegiate Youth and Philanthropy (The Winnipeg Foundation), the Assiniboine Credit Union, and the University of Manitoba Women’s and Gender Studies Department

Free! Everyone welcome! Materials, Snacks and Childminding provided!