Enter and Exit Photography with Kristiane Church

  • Thursday, October 20, 2016
  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • The Royal Canadian Legion, 227 McDermot Ave

The camera opens and closes to the world, a brief movement capturing an image. This selective “taking” is paralleled by the photographer’s movement through the photographic landscape. Yet the human scale of these acts only provides a simulacrum of transparency to the viewer. What are the differences between the front and the backsides of a photograph? What is seen and unseen? Is the surface itself an interface, or is it neutralized by stillness? Join us for a conversation about the entry points into and out of the photograph.


Walead Beshty and Eileen Quinlan (in conversation): bombmagazine.org/article/3348/walead-beshty-eileen-quinlan

Liz Deschenes by Kathleen Peterson: bombmagazine.org/article/6428/liz-deschenes

Free! All are welcome!

  • Kristiane Church is an artist and photographer living in Winnipeg. She is interested in poetry, literature, and binge-watching decades and subgenres of film. She is currently collaborating on the photography of a short film about the unwaged work of women.