Food: Members' Showcase + Sale

  • Wednesday, September 6–Thursday, September 28, 2023
  • 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • MAWA, 611 Main St, Winnipeg, MB
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Exhibition: September 6 - 28, Wednesday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm

Reception: Friday, September 8, 2023, 6 - 9 pm at MAWA

Nuit Blanche: Saturday, September 23, 8 - 10 pm at MAWA

This September, MAWA is hosting a members’ showcase and sale entitled Food. It will be a banquet of creativity featuring one work from every MAWA member who chooses to submit, in a wide range of styles and mediums. Some of the work will be for sale, with all proceeds going to the artists.

Dining customs carry diverse cultural meanings, including notions of family, culture, hospitality and propriety. They encompass “do’s and don’t”s (etiquette and taboos). They reflect our identity.

Food conjures the senses of sight, smell and taste. It is visceral, a daily necessity and pleasure. It also implies sustenance on different levels—food for thought! In the visual arts, food has held a wide variety of metaphoric meanings, including prosperity, generosity, fertility, sex, death and decay. In so many ways, food is so much more than what we simply eat.

Participating Artists

Adriana Alarcón, Mishelle Aminov Kosonovsky, Marie Antonette, Avery Ascher, Beatriz Barahona, Mahfuza Beauty, Jacqueline Bergman, Hollande Bezan, Lisa Bissett, Michelle Blackmon, Marie Bodnar, Kelly Campbell, Connie Chappel, Karen Cornelius, Alice Crawford, Alison Davis, Dena Decter, P. Desmet Franklin, Qian Ding, Dove, Joanne Dumas, Rosemary Dzus, Heidi Eigenkind, Cori Jaye Ettienne, Karen Fletcher, Diana Fred, Jane Gateson, Selene Gaytan Correa, Briony Haig, Bonnie Hallman, Jana Hamilton, Jessie Jannuska, Pamela Jeffrey, Glen Johnson, Lia Karras, Allison Kendall, Nora Kobrinsky, Miranda Kudajczyk, Anita Lebeau, Zoë LeBrun, Ingrid Lincoln, Monica Lowe, Annette Lowe, Kim Malenchak, Bonnie Marin, Francine Martin, Suzanne Mouflier, Elise Nadeau, Kristin Nelson, Agnes Neufeld, Ursula Neufeld, Loricia Pacholko, Pat Penner, Tracy Peters, Lainie Rosner, Alba Sawatsky, Karen Schmidt Humiski, Theresa Shaw, Kathleen Shellrude, Nicole Shimonek, Leesa Streifler, Margaret Switala, Melanee Tessler, Diana Thorneycroft, Jacqueline Trudeau, Jackie Turnbull, Sheri Turner, Susan Turner, Dulya Uhanovitage, Marika Veith, Karen Wardle, Tricia Wasney, Heidi Werner and Lisa Wood