Micro: A MAWA Members' Show + Sale

  • Friday, April 1–Friday, April 22, 2022
  • MAWA, 611 Main St.

Opening: Friday, April 1, 2022, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition: Wednesday - Friday, April 1 - 22, 2022, 10 am - 5 pm at MAWA

This April, MAWA will host a members’ showcase and sale entitled Micro, to provide an opportunity for members to show a small work and, if they so choose, sell it at a price of their choice with all proceeds going to the artist. This thematic exhibition will explore the very small and the very close. It has been two years of microbes and, for many of us, unprecedented closeness with our homemates. What do we see and feel in granular detail?

Participating Artists:

8 artworks on a white wall in MAWA

Connie Bart Hamel, Hollande Bezan, Lilian Bonin, Natasha Boone, Christine Brouzes, Lydia Cenerini, Connie Chappel, Jocelyn Chorney, Karen Cornelius, Alice Crawford, Dena Decter, Mar Desmet, Pamela Desmet, Shannon Drewitt, Alexis Dufault, Maurice S. Dzama, Jeanette Dzama, Rosemary Dzus, Heidi Eigenkind, Patricia Eschuk, Cori Jaye Ettienne, Sarah Fuller, Jane Gateson, Brenna George, Ariel Godin, Natasha Gusta, Briony Haig, Bonnie Hallman, Erika Hanneson, Barb Hunt , Jessie Jannuska, Pamela Jeffrey, Jean Kimack, Kelly Klick, Nora Kobrinsky, Miranda Kudajczyk, Jocelyne Le Léannec, Wendy Lee, Laura Lewis, Annette Lowe, Monica Lowe, Mandy Malazdrewich, Nichol Marsch, Heather Martens Rempel, Francine Martin, Jordan Miller, Suzanne Mouflier, Karly Owens , Loricia Pacholko, Lucy Pavéz, Tracy Peters, Michelle Pichette, Roxy Renait, Elizabeth Sellors, Theresa Shaw, Barbra Smith, Judith Stevens, Leesa Streifler, Angela Taylor, Morgan Traa, Jackie Turnbull, Sheri Turner, Dulya Uhanovitage, Laura Janet Ward, Karen Wardle, Tricia Wasney, Casandra Wolfe, and Cheryl Zubrack

Free! Everyone welcome. Please wear a mask while at MAWA.