Pedagogical Strategies in Art with Lisa Wood

  • Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Duke of Kent Legion, 227 McDermot Avenue

Olivia Gude rallies art educators to rethink visual art curriculum. She identifies the historic system of teaching based on “bland and formal” principals that are presented as universal and foundational. Gude asks: “What do our students need to know to understand the art of many cultures, from the past and the 21st century? Today, what knowledge do students need to stimulate and increase their creative powers?” Gude’s paper “Post Modern Principals”, now 13 years old, serves as a starting point for this conversation about art education: what skills, concrete and conceptual, do students need in order to develop into contributing artists in our society?

Reading: Olivia Gude, “Post Modern Principles”

Free, everyone welcome!

  • Lisa Wood is a figurative-based artist whose practice encompasses painting, drawing, collage, installation and photography. In the last 5 years, she has been creating paintings and drawings based on time-lapse photography of people at social occasions involving food and drink. She is interested in surveillance technology, the body and eating in relation to social psychology. Wood is an Assistant Professor at Brandon University in the Department of Visual and Aboriginal Art. She is a graduate of the Foundation Mentorship Program.