Pysanka with Natasha Halayda

  • Saturday, April 6–Sunday, April 7, 2019
  • 1:00pm – 4:00pm
  • MAWA, 611 Main Street

This workshop takes place over two afternoons: Saturday April 6 & Sunday April 7, 1-4pm

Pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter Eggs, is a traditional art dating to pre-Christian, early Slavic cultures. The root of Pysanka is “pysaty,” which literally means “to write.” The colourful, traditional designs developed from an evolving language of symbols. Pysanky were written as gifts of goodwill, expressing wishes of good fortune, fertility and health for family and community.

This workshop will teach the traditional, wax-resist method of dying eggs, with a focus on exploring the intention of writing with symbols and designing each egg with personal content. It will discuss cultural evolution and how to keep an authentic connection with heritage arts, remembering creative intent as well as technique and aesthetics.

$15, all materials provided. Register here or by calling 204-949-9490

  • Ukrainian-Canadian artist Natasha Halayda graduated from the University of Manitoba School of Art, BFA, studied art history as an independent student at Concordia University and later returned to the University of Manitoba’s Department of History to study global perspectives. She has delivered and developed community art programs for Art City, The Graffiti Gallery and The City of Winnipeg Recreation Services Department. She incorporates teachings on environmental stewardship, active citizenship and a democratisation of art for participants of all ages, abilities and economic means.