Twisted Fairy Tales … a Fall Supper like no other!

  • Tuesday, November 10, 2015
  • Pampanga, 349 Henry Ave., west of Main St.; wheelchair accessible

It’s back … the costumed and culinary event of the year! Get past Disney and into magical realism for Twisted Fairy Tales: dining, singing and dancing the night away. Nothing could be better than family-style service of Filipino cuisine, the “karaoke challenge”, skills auction and dance grooves of DJ (Kelly) Ruthless!

Here’s how the evening will roll … at 7:00pm the bar will be open and the skills auction will begin for silent auction bidding. Settle in and bid! At 7:30pm, you’ll have found a seat and will be served seven delectable Filipino dishes, including vegetarian options … yum! Then, once we’ve finished eating, the karaoke will begin. Dying to sing “Born This Way” while dressed like Ravana from the Ramayana (ten heads are better than one!)? Or perhaps you’d like to challenge another MAWA supporter to bust out an ABBA classic? For $10 you can challenge anyone in the room and for another $10 they can decline. Want to put someone out of their misery? Another $10 will make it stop! At 10:00pm the skills auction closes. Last year Dana Kletke offered to engrave your tombstone. Who knows what skill she’ll have for sale this year? Once you’ve won one of the zany and talented skills MAWA members have put on offer, the dancing begins.

If you’d like, you can dress up. Imagine the possibilities … Zombie Cinderella! Brothers Grimm meets the Seven Chinese Brothers! Your inner Trickster!

We are casting a spell on you right now to come to MAWA to buy your tickets. You can also purchase them from any board member. This event always sells out, so act fast.

And please, if you have a skill that you’d like to auction, drop Alexis a note at We’d really appreciate it! See you on November 10!

Tickets: dinner, karaoke and dance $35; just karaoke and dance after 9pm $15