Unearthing: Foundation Mentorship Program Graduate Exhibition

  • Saturday, January 14–Friday, January 27, 2023
  • 11:00am – 5:00pm
  • aceartinc., 206 Princess St, Winnipeg, MB
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Presented in partnership with aceartinc.

Opening: Friday, Jan 13, 7 -9 pm, 2023, at aceartinc., 206 Princess St.

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, Jan 14 - 27, 11 am - 5 pm

To unearth is to bring to light that which has been forgotten, lost or buried. For one year, 10 women and non-binary artists met monthly as mentees in the 2021-2022 Foundation Mentorship Program (FMP) through MAWA. This exhibition, Unearthing, presents some of the work created during that year, when the mentees came together even while often having to stay apart.

During their 12 months together, they formed relationships and community. They also held down jobs, started families, cared for children and elderly parents, supported their communities and navigated a pandemic, all while pursuing their artistic careers. They delved deep and pulled up processes, materials, concepts, memories, emotions, insights, sounds, light and space.

Although the members of this intergenerational, multicultural, gender-diverse and widely-able cohort face sometimes overwhelming barriers to thriving as artists, they have helped each other, depended on each other and made it together. They have respected the autonomy of the individual while recognizing that interdependence made them stronger, more resilient and more powerful than when alone. This is an important message in a time of climate crisis, rising fascism and increasing threats to our community of women, non-binary, disabled, queer, trans and racialized people.

Unearthing features artists Kelly Campbell, Kristiane Church, Lane Delmonico Gibson, Chrystal Gray, Lindsay Inglis, Yolanda Paulsen, Brenda Stuart, Lisa Walter, Cathy Woods and Aikaterini Zegeye-Gebrahiwot.