Foundation Mentorship 2012/2013

  • September 2012 – September 2013

MAWA was pleased to welcome the participants in the 2012/2013 Foundation Mentorship Program. Megan Krause and Gerry Oliver were mentored by Aganetha Dyck, Amanda Damsma and Janessa Brunet were mentored by Suzie Smith, Natasha Peterson and Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk were mentored by Lisa Stinner, and Elise Dawson and Sasha Amaya were mentored by Val Klassen.

  • Aganetha Dyck is interested in environmental issues, specifically as it pertains to the power of the small, and inter-species communication. Her research questions the ramifications all living beings would experience should honeybees disappear from earth. Aganetha works in sculpture, drawing and mixed media. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally. She is the recipient of The Manitoba Arts Award of Distinction and a Canadian Governor Generals Award for Visual and Media Arts.

  • Suzie Smith works with printmaking and design that expands into sculpture, installation and moving image. Her work often incorporates the deconstruction and transformation of objects and materials to create new or multiple meanings. Smith creates systems and structures for her process that act as a tool to build, take apart and push against.

  • Since graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a MFA in Photography, Lisa Stinner has shown her photographic work in numerous exhibitions, locally, nationally and internationally. In her work, Stinner searches for photographic contradictions found within the built environment. Her work has been featured in art publications such as Border Crossings magazine and published in juried collections such as Carte Blanche and Flash Forward. Stinner teaches at the University of Manitoba. Visit her website at

  • Known mainly for her video art, Val Klassen has also experimented with performance, audio, photography, and digital print making. Reflecting her interests in environmental activism and spirituality, her work is by turns sensitive, elegant, subversive, funny, and meditative. Using subtle manipulation of time and space, she invites viewers to see the familiar from a new perspective. Her work has been exhibited across Canada, and in the U.S., U.K., France and Australia.