Manitoba Media Production Arts Mentorships: Pilot Program

  • Application Deadline
    Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 12:00pm
  • March 2024 – September 2024

Presented in partnership with On Screen Manitoba

For women and gender diverse participants who live in Manitoba
Cost to successful applicants: $75

This new individual mentorship program is intended to serve your unique needs as a media artist or member of the film industry. It is designed to help you acquire a specific technical or professional skill, achievable in six months, from a mentor of your choice. They can reside anywhere, locally, nationally or internationally. Consider what you would most like to learn and who could help you the most. Not sure who that would be? Work with On Screen Manitoba to find a mentor before you apply.

Before applying, contact your potential mentor, explain the program and your needs, and ask if they are willing to commit to meeting with you for 6 hours over a period of 6 months, in person or online, to help you to achieve your learning goal. Upon completion of your mentorship, MAWA will pay them $600.

To apply, please submit a single PDF labelled with your name that contains:

  • a letter stating your mentorship goal, what it is you want to learn and/or how the mentorship will help you to break into or progress in the industry
  • a bio of your mentor and description of how they can help you to advance your practice
  • your artist or industry résumé
  • a copy of email correspondence with the mentor confirming their willingness to work with you
  • links to two excerpts of your media work, each no longer than 5 minutes, if applicable

Send the PDF in an email with “Media Mentorship February 2024” in the subject line to Adriana at [email protected]. Successful applicants will be charged $75 for the program.

A limited number of mentee/mentor pairings will be selected. There is no fee to apply, but you must be a Manitoba-based member of either MAWA ($15-$30) or On Screen Manitoba ($25-$80). Both memberships will provide you with access to a range of other opportunities throughout the year. If finances are a barrier, please speak with Adriana at MAWA.

You and the mentor will be responsible for setting up meeting dates and times. At the conclusion of your time together, you will both be required to provide written feedback to MAWA, so that subsequent participants can benefit from your experience.