Mentors on the Fly

MAWA has a roster of artists who are available on an hourly basis to help you with grant aps, critical feedback, or advice on a project. Rates are $30/hour. If you need some short-term mentoring, contact the mentor of your choice directly and let the mentoring begin!

  • Bev Pike

    Bev Pike’s practice encompasses painting, artist-books, feminist satire and video.  Her large-scale paintings have shown across Canada and are in numerous private and public collections.  Her artist books are in many international collections. Pike has written hundreds of funding and exhibition submissions for individuals, programs and organizations in Canada.  She offers strategic advice on compiling a dossier, writing and editing of artist statements/proposals, artist talk advice, and experience in art scene ethics and activist politics. She can also provide studio visits and aesthetic critique. Pike is a trained archivist and is willing to share advice on information management practices, as well as her historical/archival knowledge. Contact by phone at 284-0616.

  • Kari Hasselriis

    Kari Hasselriis has been teaching grammar and writing since 1997. As a mentor, she can help with any aspect of the writing process. Her goal is to help the mentee become a stronger, more confident writer. Questions about anything – planning, sentence structure, grammar in general – can be answered with as little or as much detail as the mentee wants. She is also available to edit and copyedit completed documents. Contact by email at

  • Leah Decter

    Leah Decter is an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, video and performance, as well as socially engaged practices. She has mentored in MAWA’s Foundation Mentorship Program and is currently supervising at the graduate level for Transart Institute. In addition to exhibiting her work internationally, Leah has significant experience engaging with a range of communities in a variety of settings, and managing complex projects with extensive budgets. She can provide feedback to artists at any level on artwork, exhibition development and grant/proposal/statement writing and can advise artists or community organizations on development/assessment of community/socially engaged projects. Contact by email at

  • Reva Stone

    Reva Stone works with emerging technologies to create computer-assisted installations. She has mentored through MAWA and has vast experience applying for exhibitions and managing an art career.  She can provide feedback on work in progress, pose pertinent questions and suggest directions to consider.  Contact by email at