Call for Volunteer Ambassadors

Volunteer Positions
3 Winnipeg Ambassadors needed for MAWA Artists in Residence, Summer 2017

MAWA is looking for ambassadors to welcome participants of MAWA’s Artist in Residence program to the Winnipeg artistic community. This summer, MAWA will be hosting three visual artists. Each artist will be traveling nationally or internationally to stay in the MAWA apartment for self-directed residencies. They will be using the time and space to further their artistic practices through research, reflection, networking and production.
The MAWA residency program is intended to increase dialogue between our geographical community—Winnipeg—and the art world beyond; to create networking opportunities for women artists; and to provide an oasis in which women artists can do whatever they need to do in order to move their practices forward.

Duties of the ambassador will include:

  • picking the artist up from the airport, train station or bus depot
  • offering to show the artist around to artist run centres, galleries etc
  • helping to get the art supplies they need
  • helping to get basics such as groceries
  • offering to take artists to different cultural events, such as art openings, lectures, festivals etc
  • being available to the artist to answer questions by phone or email
  • welcoming the artist to Winnipeg/ the art community

Attributes of the ambassador:

  • friendly and outgoing
  • interested in meeting new people
  • interested in connecting with artists outside of Winnipeg
  • access to a car
  • knowledgeable about Winnipeg and the artistic community
  • available to the artist during their stay, in person, by phone and email

MAWA is looking to pair each artist in residence with one ambassador. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador apply to [email protected] with a short paragraph describing why you would like to be an ambassador and which residency dates you are available. Following is information about each artist’s dates and a description of their practice and project:

MAWA Artist in Residence – 2017

June 1- 30, 2017

Artist: Cui Jin-Zhe

Born and raised Dalian, China. Cui Jin-Zhe has lived in Canada since 2009 and is currently based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Cui Jin-Zhe’s intention of her art practice is to infuse our well-being and everyday life quality with awakenings and creativity. Her practice focuses on reflecting the experience of her spiritual practice through daily rituals and everyday life. Most of Jin-Zhe’s projects are drawings, drawing-based installations and social engaged projects. Jin-Zhe will present an innovative social engaged project - 100 Immortals into diverse communities, public space and artistic venues in Winnipeg. Through this artistic social engagement, she aims to examine individuals and communities’ self – realization, and to evoke people’s reconnection with their innate goodness and completeness.

July 1-31, 2017

Artist: Josefina Posch, Sweden

Josefina Posch artistic practice lays in the discourse found in the borderline between sculpture, new media and social practice based work, focusing on the point where technology, biology, cloning, stereotypes, ideas, fiction and dark humor meet. Posch has exhibited and part-taken in residencies from Sweden to China via the U.K, the U.S and beyond. Also active as curator, founder of Snowball Cultural Productions and an adjunct lecturer at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. While in residence Posch will work on her upcoming sculptural project that investigates the biological forces behind aging, the pathogens and bacteria behind illness and on the other side the inherited strength of our body to protect and defend itself. With an interest in how illness, disease outbreaks and aging is depicted in mass media, the arts, and politics but also within the private social sphere. Josefina is part of the South Florida Art Centre Exchange residency.

August 1-3, 2017

Artist: Megan Pickering, London UK

Megan Pickering has developed a multidisciplinary practice, creating art and working with organizations to challenge negative representations of marginalized people. As part of her practice, she creates socially engaged pieces of work that are both personal and political.

She explores intersectional feminism, queerness and class in her practice. She is interested in activism; family histories and showing unrepresented and often silenced stories. One aspect of her practice is zine making, which allows her to explore personal politics in awkwardly honest ways. The zines she has produced include Silenced Feminisms – which contains the research she undertook with the Feminist Library's Spare Rib archive, and BULLIED – a group project collecting stories of childhood bullying, with a specific focus on mental health and LGBT voices.

Integral to her practise is building relationships with other art collectives and engaging with socially engaged organisations. While at MAWA Megan will engage with local zine communities, networks and archives in order to explore expressions of gender, queer and class histories.