Bravery of Artmakers: Cover Story from Summer Newsletter

Bravery of Artmakers

Working at MAWA, we are constantly inspired by the fearlessness of creators: the queer youth who knits a rainbow unicorn after making their own pattern; the sculptor who moves her ailing mother across the continent and still manages to create complex new work for an upcoming exhibition; the artist in residence who comes to Winnipeg – or even Canada – for the first time, engages with our community and creates something out of nothing: art!

All artists engage in a vital and daunting act of making. The creation of art makes sense of our experiences, our culture and our humanity. It is existential at its core. Who are we? Why are we here? Art affirms our existence. It asserts our differences and our commonalities. It inspires understanding, and it helps us to feel less alone.

As artists, the summer is a time to recharge. To gather inspiration. To lie on the beach with a good book (check out MAWA' s resource library!) or sit on a patio with friends old and new (see page 3).

MAWA invites you, during these precious months of warm-weather bliss, to engage with each other and our guests: the artists who have travelled across the globe and nation to make work at MAWA. Each artist in residence will be presenting a talk about their practices. All are eager to meet local artists, show you their work and even collaborate.

We share an understanding with them, whether they come from Calgary, Sweden or Brazil. Across cultures and geography, we know how brave it is to be a maker.

– Shawna Dempsey and Dana Kletke, MAWA's co-Executive Directors