Donor Profile: Cathy Auld

MAWA recently caught up with Cathy Auld, to ask why she supports MAWA.

There are so many worthwhile causes that need our support. Why do you choose to donate to MAWA?

Since MAWA’s very beginnings, it has created and sustained an ever-enlarging circle of community for emerging and experienced artists. It keeps us learning, talking, engaging, challenging, creating and celebrating in ways that matter.

I see that you have been a donor to MAWA's Legacy Fund from the very beginning, and have continued for the past 18 years! That is amazing! Why are you committed to supporting MAWA in this way?

The Foundation Mentorship Program is a gem. I enjoy feeling part of a pooled effort to support promising individuals who I may never meet, knowing that they in turn will create new possibilities for others, a never-ending journey of discovery and generosity.

Has MAWA fostered your art practice? If so, what are you working on now?

My most recent involvement was participating in Barb Hunt’s textile art course, Thinking Through Thread. In true MAWA style, by the end of the series, I found myself at the beginning of a new journey rather than an end-point. The program rekindled my love of embroidery, swatches, colour study and the legacy of inherited fabrics, and left me eager to engage in more critical study.

Awesome! That’s what we hope our programs provide: inspiration and a desire to learn more. Thanks for your support, Cathy, in helping to make it all happen!