Foundation Mentorship Program 2015-16

MAWA is pleased to welcome the participants in the upcoming year’s Foundation Mentorship Program (FMP). Seema Goel will be working with Valérie Chartrand and Melanie Wesley, Praba Pilar will be working with Kelly Ruth and Becca Taylor, Natalia Lebedinskaia will be working with Kristin Snowbird and Natalie Baird, and Shawna McLeod will be working with Carolyn Mount and Tracy Fehr.

With the help of the mentor, each mentee will define artistic goals that she will work towards during this year-long program. Artistic development, artistic excellence and professional skills acquisition are the primary goals of the FMP. The program also fosters self-reliance, resourcefulness, decision-making and community-building, and passes on knowledge and wisdom based upon experience. MAWA has offered the Foundation Mentorship Program since 1986. It is our core program, and has enhanced the careers of over 200 women artists in Manitoba.