Foundation Mentorship Program 2021-22

MAWA is pleased to welcome the participants in the upcoming year’s Foundation Mentorship Program (FMP). Mentor Eleanor Bond will work with Kristiane Church and Cathy Woods; mentor Blair Fornwald will work with Kelly Campbell and Lindsay Inglis; mentor Sarah Fuller will work with Brenda Stuart and Lisa Walter; mentor Rhayne Vermette will work with Aikaterini Zegeye-Gebrehiwot and Lane Delmonico Gibson; and mentor Val Vint will work with Chrystal Gray and Yolanda Paulsen.

With the help of the mentor, each mentee will define artistic goals to work toward during this year-long program. Artistic development, artistic excellence and professional skills acquisition are the primary objectives of the FMP, offered at MAWA since 1985. It is our core program and has enhanced the careers of 282 artists in Manitoba over the past 36 years.