Mujer Artista Open House

Saturday, October 3, 2015,1-3pm at MAWA

Admission is free, all Latin women artists are welcome

Mujer Artista is a new initiative, designed to develop opportunities for local Latin women artists in Winnipeg. It will support collective dialogue, mentorships and reflection on the impact of our common histories.

This initiative has been developed by Winnipeg-based artists Cecilia Araneda, Monica Martinez and Praba Pilar. It was created out of the need they identified to better support Latin women artists locally, as these artists often work in isolation without system support due to language and culture barriers.

Specifically, Mujer Artista aims to:

Promote the development and recognition of local Latin women artists
Enhance public access and cultivate audiences
Advance professional development, networking, dialogue and knowledge-sharing
Strengthen connections out into the broader arts community

Mujer Artista is in its initial stages of development and invites all Latin women artists in Winnipeg working in all contexts (professional to amateur to traditional crafts, etc.) to attend an open house on Saturday, October 3, 1-3pm, at MAWA. A Latin woman is born in or with cultural connections to Latin America. Typically she has a culture rooted in the Spanish or Portuguese languages, and she or her parents speak one of these languages.

Mujer Artista acknowledges the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and MAWA. More information on Mujer Artista is available at