Megan Pickering (London, UK)

  • August 1, 2017 – August 31, 2017

Artist Talk Thursday, August 17, 7pm at MAWA

Integral to Megan Pickering’s practice is building relationships with other art collectives and socially engaged organizations. While at MAWA, she will be exploring local zine communities, networks and archives, with a focus on expressions of gender, queer and class histories. Megan Pickering is interested in activism, family histories and showing unrepresented and often silenced stories. One aspect of her practice is zine-making, which allows her to explore personal politics in awkwardly honest ways. Zines she has produced include Silenced Feminisms, which contains the research she undertook with the Feminist Library’s Spare Rib archive, and BULLIED, a group project collecting stories of childhood bullying, with a specific focus on mental health and LGBT voices.