Beadwork is Medicine by Tammy Wolfe

Talk recorded on February 1, 2024

Beadwork can positively impact Indigenous peoples’ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. This presentation will explore the holistic impact of beading from an Ininiw Iskwew (Cree Woman) perspective, and will look at how the medicine of beading can be used to heal on an individual and collective level.

Tammy Wolfe is a proud member of Norway House Cree Nation, committed to advocating on Indigenous social justice issues. She recently defended her Master’s thesis, Unheard Voices: Healing Stories of Reclamation and Rebuilding for Families of MMIWG2S who have not been involved in the National Inquiry. This work is close to her heart, honouring her mother as well as all others impacted by MMIWG2S. Wolfe is a second-year doctoral student, currently works as a lecturer at the University of Winnipeg and runs a consulting business.

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