Wendy Wersch Memorial Lecture: A Host of Hauntings by Erika DeFreitas

October 22, 2023

"She tells me to trust the process and I trust her, so I will invite intuition and imagination to help me gather gestures as I ruminate on anxieties, affects, and apparitions; all the while, playing with magic, murmurings, and meaning to coax us further from the centre."

The Wendy Wersch Lecture is an annual event that celebrates the memory of Winnipeg artist Wendy Wersch and is dedicated to exploring issues related to autonomy for women artists. The lectures focus on women in the arts as role models for innovative cultural investigation. The series builds awareness of feminist art criticism, activism and practice.

Erika DeFreitas’ multidisciplinary practice includes performance, photography, video, installation, textiles, drawing and writing. Placing emphasis on gesture, process, the body, documentation and paranormal phenomena, DeFreitas mines concepts of loss, post-memory, legacy and objecthood. DeFreitas holds a Master of Visual Studies degree from the University of Toronto.

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