Over the Top Art Auction: Friday Opening

  • Friday, April 5, 2024
  • 5:00pm – 9:00pm
  • MAWA, 329 Cumberland Ave, 2nd Floor, Winnipeg, MB
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Over the Top Friday Night: Free entry, early bidding, no cupcakes.

The Friday night opening of MAWA's Over the Top Art Auction is a chance to see all of the art and start your bidding in a relaxed environment. Entry is free! If you'd like to bid on some artworks, tickets are available for $10. Advance tickets are also available online.

You don't have to be present at the close of the auction on Sunday, April 7 to be a successful bidder!

Bidders who bid high on Friday and Saturday often get the art they bid on. MAWA also has volunteer proxy bidders who can make bids for you. Talk to a volunteer at the front desk on Friday or Saturday or email [email protected]. We’ll take your bidder number, the title of the artwork(s) you want to bid on and the maximum amount you are willing to bid and give that information to a proxy bidder who will make bids for you on Sunday as the auction closes.

Successful bidders will be notified Wednesday, April 10 if they are not present for the close of the auction on Sunday.

With artwork by:

Susan Aydan Abbott, Arthur Adamson, Adriana Alarcón, John Anderson, Marie Antonette, Avery Ascher, Jo-Anne Balcaen, Connie Bart-Hamel, Hollande Bezan, Lisa Bissett, Bernice Bisson, Kristin Bjornerud, Barb Blackner, Marie Bodnar, Lilian Bonin, Pauline Braun, Tricia E Brock, Jill Brooks, Christine Brouzes, Sandra Brown, Rhian Brynjolson, Kelly Campbell, Sandra M. Campbell, Yvette Cenerini, Augustin Jimenz Chacon, Connie Chappel, Sarah Ciurysek, Dave Colvinson, Sharron Zenith Corne , Karen Cornelius, Nicole Coulson, Alice Crawford, Sarah Crawley, Alison Davis, Maya de Forest, Dena Decter, Leah Decter, Julia Dennis, June Derksen, Pamela Desmet Franklin, Betty Dimock, Dove, Shannon Drewitt, Joanne Dumas, Micheal Dumontier and Neil Farber, Janet Dwyer, Aganetha Dyck, Jeanette Dzama, Maurice Dzama, Rosemary Dzus, William Eakin, Heidi Eigenkind, Bramwell Enan, Heather A Endall, Corah Enns, Patricia Eschuk, Cori Jaye Ettienne, Len Fairchuk, Anne Fallis, Nadia Fastabend, Jorge Figueroa, Monique Fillion, Elvira Finnigan, Shaun Finnigan, Karen Fletcher, Diana Fred, Keiralee Friesen, Sarah Fuller, Patricia Garrod, Teresa Serafina Garside, Jane Gateson, Brenna George, Oona George, Ozma George, Heather Gillespie, Margaret Glavina, Peter Graham, John Guy, Briony Haig, Natasha Halayda, Bonnie Hallman, Leona Herzog, Lois Hogg, Barb Hunt, Jacqueline Huskisson, Pamela Jeffrey, Jan Jenkins, Anne Johnson, Sarah Anne Johnson, Erin Josephson-Laidlaw, Mary Joyce, Desa Kalem, Lia Karras, Jess Klassen, Jean Klimack, Nora Kobrinsky, Heather Komus, Sacha Kopelow, Megan Krause, Sasha Kucas, Miranda Kudajczyk, Zoe LeBrun, Laura Lewis, Erika Jean Lincoln, Ingrid Lincoln, Annette Lowe, Monica Lowe, Robert Lowe, Ashu Maan, Manju Maan, Mercedes Maduka, Gene Manchur, Kate Manchur, Bonnie Marin, Nichol Marsch, Francine Martin, Maureen Matthews, Pat McCullough, Lesley McKenzie, Loreen McLaughlin, Ingrid McMillan, Jordan Miller, mmade art, Marco Montess, Allison Moore, Margot Morrish, Ms. JJ Mouflier, Suzanne Mouflier, Melanie Murray, Candace Neumann, Sarah Neville, Janis Nickel, Keith Oliver, Loricia Pacholko, Yolanda Paulsen, Tracy Peters, Dan Phelps, Link Phillips, Stephanie Phillips, Michelle Pichette, Shayna Pollock, Denise Prefontaine, Candace Propp, Diana Pura, C. Rau, Adelle Rawluk, Kerri-Lynn Reeves, Hanna Reimer, Roxy Renait, Ann Rivera, AO Roberts, Paul Robles, Margerit Roger, Anna Schmidt, Karen Schmidt Humiski, Tim Schouten, Kylie Seaton, Elizabeth Sellors, Theresa Shaw, Janet Shaw-Russell, Kathleen Shellrude, Pierrette Sherwood, Nicole Shimonek, Caitlin Sikora, Robert Sim, Barbara Smith, Kelsey Smith, Suzie Smith and Carolina Araneda, Fran Solar, TJ Southam, Stephanie Stetefeld, Leesa Streifler, Brenda Stuart, Margaret Switala, Gaetanne Sylvester, Ewa Tarsia, Karen Taylor, Ione Thorkelsson, Diana Thorneycroft, Patrick Treacy, tree tree tes, Jacqueline Trudeau, Yen-Yu Tseng, Jackie Turnbull, Sheri Turner, Susan Turner, Cathie Ugrin, Dulya Uhanovitage, Andrew Valko, Liv Valmestad, Terry Vatrt, Tricia Wasney, Heidi Werner, Diane Whitehouse, Cassandra Wolfe, Opal Wolfe, Lisa Wood, Daisy Wu, Ada Zhang and Cheryl Zubrack

Sponsored by Johnston Group

This art auction fundraiser features some of Winnipeg's biggest artists alongside up-and-comers! There is art for all tastes and all budgets.

Over the Top Art Auction raises funds that enable MAWA to provide professional, engaging visual art programming, such as our Mentorship Programs, Critical Discussion Groups, Skills-Based Workshops, Artist Lectures and Cross-Cultural Craft Program. Many of these programs are filled to capacity, and bring together people from many different backgrounds to share in the pleasure and challenge of visual art.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ for attendees, email [email protected] or call 204-949-9490.

Thanks to our sponsors!

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