MAWA on the move!

As you may know, there was a fire at 611 Main Street in the early hours of December 13 that resulted in devastating losses for our neighbours: the tenants upstairs, the Clay Centre and the Edge Urban Art Centre. Miraculously, MAWA itself was not damaged. However, the electrical panel and the power connection to the building were destroyed.

Fortunately, flexibility and creative problem-solving are qualities that artists have in abundance.

MAWA has always appreciated our many friends in the Winnipeg community, but now more than ever. Other arts organizations reached out, and thanks to the generosity of Creative Manitoba and aceartinc., MAWA programming was able to continue. Folks at the Province, U of W and in the private sector suggested longer-term solutions. And you, artists and members, donated to MAWA’s Annual Appeal, attended the Palentine’s fundraising dinner and contributed to MAWA’s renovation fund. You filled every MAWA program to capacity, despite changing locations and brutally cold weather. You asked, “What can I do?” and packed boxes. You made this next chapter possible.

MAWA is very excited to welcome you to our new location, 329 Cumberland Ave., second floor, upstairs from the Manitoba Craft Council, Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library, and Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba. On March 9, we launch the new MAWA with an International Women’s Day event, Repairathon, dedicated to reducing the impact of clothing waste on our planet. Please note that accessibility will be less straightforward in the new space. Call ahead with your access needs, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Despite the upheaval caused by the fire, MAWA is still celebrating its 40th year! To kick off festivities, we are holding an anniversary screening followed by a reception on March 1 at the Dave Barber Cinematheque. There will be more special events in 2024, and a wide range of exciting art education opportunities. We can’t wait to see you at them. Onward!

Shawna Dempsey and Dana Kletke, MAWA Co-Executive Directors