Each issue of MAWA's quarterly newsletter includes a piece of critical writing by an artist, curator or writer.

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Tax Cuts Benefit Men More Than Women by Jess Klassen, Summer 2024

How to Make a Phantastik Film (No Secrets!): Transparency, Collaborative Learning/Teaching and Co-Creation in the Art Practices of Lindsay McIntyre, Francisca Duran and Rhayne Vermette by katnancy, Winter 2024


“We r touching … in a way”: A haptic scan across the films of Hagere Selam (shimby) Zegeye-Gebrehiwot, erψn temp3st and Freya Björg Olafson by Jillian Groening, Fall 2023

Beyond Photographs by Meganelizabeth Diamond, Summer 2023

Where Are the Next Executive Directors? by Liz Barron, Spring 2023

Mad art and the contested mind by Lisa Walter, Winter 2023


The Marilyn Complex by Madeline Bogoch, Fall 2022

Considering Copyright as an Artist by Chanelle Lajoie, Summer 2022

Letter from the North: Two Consolations by Sarah Swan, Spring 2022

Proof of Existence: The Power of Narrative Jewellery by Tricia Wasney, Winter 2022


Against Proof by Florence Yee, Fall 2021

Outlaw #5 by Michelle Wilson, Summer 2021

Text & Tactility by Nehal El-Hadi, Summer 2021

Art and Accessibility Amidst a Pandemic by melannie monoceros, Spring 2021

The Power of Performance by Tamara Toledo, Winter 2021